A Fan For All Applications

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It’s important to be comfortable, whether working or relaxing. For most people, feeling hot and sticky can be a miserable experience and at times like this, a cool breeze is a welcome addition to their environment. Fortunately for most areas, a ceiling fan can add a gentle breeze, turning an uncomfortable area into an area of comfort and enjoyment. Of course, not all ceiling fans are appropriate for all areas. When considering the purchase of a Casablanca ceiling fan, one must determine the proper fan for the area where it will be used. Ceiling fans come in a variety of sizes from small to large. There are also special fans, appropriate for outdoor areas, that will function in either a damp or wet environment. Most fans can also accommodate light kits and remote control devices, making them convenient and useful for a vast array of applications.

For a small room or office, a fan sized from 31″ – 48″ should be just right. These fans will give a gentle circulation of air, making the area comfortable without the overkill of a large fan. Of course, for open areas or spacious rooms and offices, a large sized ceiling fan, or maybe even two fans, may be more appropriate. It’s usually recommended to have at least one 40″ fan for each 250 square foot of an area to be cooled. When dealing with many fans or high ceilings, even though the fans may have appropriate down rods for accessibility, remote controlled fans are convenient. With the push of a button both fans and lights can be turned on and off, and fans adjusted to an appropriate speed.

Knowing where the fan will be installed will determine the type fan that must be purchased. It’s imperative to purchase a fan made for damp or wet areas if the fan is to be installed outdoors. Covered patios, screened porches or carports will most likely will require a fan manufactured for damp areas. An outdoor gazebo or pergola, where there is little cover for the fan, will necessitate a fan that can withstand wetness. Ensuring that the proper fan is purchased is of utmost importance. Though there are many fans to choose from, choosing the proper fan for its location is a must. This will help to ensure many years of faultless service and a comfortable environment for all.


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