Five more ways to enjoy the perfect bath

Five more ways to enjoy the perfect bath

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It has been a stressful day. You are tired and emotional and need to relax. When you feel like this, there is nothing better than a warm luxurious bath.

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Having a bath not only relaxes you but also provides some significant health benefits. Here are five more tips to enjoy the perfect bath.

Use cold water

Baths should be warm and steamy, but they can get uncomfortable. Warm baths raise your temperature and can make you sweat, but there are ways you can combat this. Put some ice and a washcloth next to you when you get in the bath to use as a cold compress on your neck and face to stay refreshed.

Keep warm

When it is time to get out, do you want to put a threadbare towel around you? This ruins the aftereffects of a bath and soon jolts you into a cold reality. Fluffy towels and luxe robes feel warm and comfortable.

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Put on some music

Music can improve our moods and take us into a hypnotic state. Choose some relaxing music, such as something by Enya, to drift off into a world of tranquillity, peace and delight. Music also helps you to visualise other places, so you can take yourself to a beach, field or wherever you feel most relaxed.

Take some time

Don’t grab your phone when you get out of the bath; instead, take some time to relax. You can make a cup of tea and listen to music; alternatively, why not heat up a towel and put it around your neck and shoulders? You can then take a lovely nap to rejuvenate yourself further.

Pamper yourself

The moist environment a bath creates makes it perfect for treating your face and hair. Grab a clay face mask and leave it on your face for between seven and ten minutes, using a washcloth to gently remove it. You can also use an intense conditioner on your hair to nourish any split ends.

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