How to keep your laminate floors free from stains

How to keep your laminate floors free from stains

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With any type of flooring, keeping them clean is a necessary chore we have to do and laminate flooring is no exception. Although it’s not vital to clean them every day, regular maintenance will help them have a longer lifespan, and cleaning your laminate flooring is much easier than some flooring. It’s simply a question of knowing the common tricks!

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One-off spills

Although experts agree that laminate is one of the most durable for kitchen flooring, it’s impossible to avoid spilling things on your brown or grey laminate flooring occasionally. When this happens, simply use a cloth to wipe it up. Quite often the spillage is a sticky substance so it’s a good idea to keep a spray bottle with a cleaning solution handy for a quicker clean up.

Put your brush away

Regular sweeping brushes leave too many particles behind which then get caught up when it comes to mopping the floor. Subsequently, these particles, along with grit and dirt will scratch the surface of your flooring. You can use a dry dust mop vacuum cleaner but ensure it has a hard floor setting or a soft brush attachment to avoid further damage to the floor.

Mop away the dirt

When your laminate flooring has become noticeably dirty, it’s time to get the mop out. However, you need to be very cautious about using too much water because it can soak in between the laminate boards and cause wood damage. Similarly, you don’t need to use much cleaner in your mix of water as it will leave too much residue on the wood. Alternatively, some people will use a vinegar water mix which is just as effective.

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Drying, buffing and polishing

After mopping the floor, the water should dry independently within a few minutes. If this doesn’t happen, you’ll need to use an absorbent mop head or microfiber cleaning cloth to ensure it is completely dry. Check with professional suppliers such as before using a polish on your laminate to find the most suitable one for the type of wood you have.

Don’t forget to place mats on the floor, or have a no-shoe rule in high traffic areas, and if you keep your laminate floor maintained regularly, it should look great for many years to come.

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