Three Keys to Selling Your House for More Money

Three Keys to Selling Your House for More Money

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One of the biggest issues with selling a house on your own is listing for the right price. There are so many variables that come into play that you really need the assistance of a skilled realtor to navigate these waters. Make the mistake of listing too high and you have a house that gets stale on the market while similar houses in your region are selling right under your nose. Regardless the market, an agent can help position the house to sell. These are some of the benefits of working with listing agents who handle homes for sale in Austin.

Complications with Selling a House

Those days of selling a house by posting an ad in the paper or putting a sign on the front yard are over. Not only is the competition fierce, the process of legally selling a house is far more complicated. Years ago, you could sell a house with a single one-page document, today you’ll need to be well versed in all the details on the purchase agreements that are ten pages or more to close a deal. Your real estate agent can handle those mountains of paperwork easily by designating the details to a team at the brokerage so as to not delay the sale due to clerical errors.

Listing Too High and Getting Impatient

One of the biggest mistakes that many sellers make when listing their house is trying to make too big a profit. They get too attached to a number and refuse to budge until they get their asking price. Your real estate agent works with numbers, and they will run a fair market analysis of the region to see how much houses like yours have been selling for these days. Not only that, your agent can show you how long it took for houses to sell that were slightly lower in price, as well as the time it took for houses to sell that listed higher than the average.

Reducing the Chances of Your House Listing Getting Stale

One way to ensure your house sits on the market for years is listing at the highest price for houses that are similar to yours. When you list too high, the buyers will do their homework and simply keep buying similar houses that are cheaper than yours. Your realtor has done enough research in the area to know what is the ideal price to list so you aren’t too high, not too low, and just in that sweet spot where all the action is taking place.

When you are working with a skilled local real estate agent, they are going to do so much more than simply price your house to sell. Furthermore, they will use their marketing skills to get the right buyers in the door in less time too. Not only will you only be showing the house to potential buyers ready to close, they come with a mortgage commitment in hand and all their financial papers are in order as well.

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